As the next generation rises up in our changing world with their own unique perspectives and interests, they need support in expressing their voice and finding their self value in healthy ways. As they find their places in our communities we want to offer them the tools and mentorships that will help them be a part of an army of hope and compassion that can hold up it’s light in a world that is being filled with fear and violence. The value and opportunity that community connections and peer/mentor collaboration provide are immeasurable. We are here to offer these opportunities through interactive public art projects.
Meet professional mural artist, Seth Weber (www.sethweberart.com). Seth has been painting public murals and working with youth for over 15 years. He has extensive experience with over 30 public indoor and outdoor murals with city contracts, business owners, private residencies, and children’s homes. Seth is the creator and head mentor of the Mural Militia.
JOIN THE MURAL MILITIA!! Seth Weber and his Mural Militia want to welcome you to be a part of their first big project. PROJECT OUTLINE: The “Mural Militia” has possession of a retired military truck that will be transformed into 3-D mobile mural. A group of high school age students, with guidance from a professional artist/educator, will collaborate, design and paint the mural together. An object that was once a vehicle of war will transform into canvas for hope, justice and compassion. We will be appearing at several local events, where the students will paint the mural on site. The students will have the opportunity to hang original artworks inside the trucks interior ‘mini’ mobile gallery. The students and truck will then be ready to go on tour to multiple art events and venues (TBD by students and mentors). A goal is to arrive at some places where community members who have limited access to travel during the pandemic can enjoy this fresh new artwork in their neighborhoods. The students will participate in answering questions and presenting artwork to various audiences. Some students will participate in the making of a documentary style film of the entire mural process with a professional film artist There will also be opportunity to design and create t-shirts and stickers that will highlight their artwork and promote their project. The mobile mural is anticipated to be an annual project and has endless potential to expand to include a greater number of students and include a variety of public art opportunities.